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Journeys Occupational Therapy, LLC

Sunday, March 3, 2019   ​We will be hosting Full Body Presence, a one-day overview course developed by Suzanne Scurlock.  This is for any interested person to attend.  Come learn how listening to the body's deep wisdom can help navigate your life and enable you to discover or experience more deeply your innate spirituality and emotional intelligence. Your current belief system will be fully respected while you learn a step-by-step process of reclaiming and transforming the tight, numb, or pain places within so that you can feel your wholeness - the sense of aliveness that allows you to be connected with your core. Learn to maintain strong, healthy boundaries, nourish and rejuvenate yourself in healthy, life-giving ways, and remain fully grounded and present even when stressed. Course will be taught by Sandy Williams. You can read more about her here:   

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Journeys Occupational Therapy, LLC, provides medically-based Occupational Therapy services for chronic pain and functional limitations. Pediatric Occupational Therapy for children with developmental delays, autism spectrum diagnosis, learning disabilities, fine motor delays, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, and more.

Wellness Services for individuals of all ages.  Craniosacral Therapy techniques may be combined with additional manual therapy techniques, including lymph drainage and reflex integration, as indicated by individual client needs for post-concussion or traumatic brain injury, anxiety, depression, temporal-mandibular dysfunction (TMD), migraines, whiplash, and much more.